Chapter History  

Many men tried to initiate a chapter at Georgia Southern College (now University) since 1983. Men of renown character and fortitude, originally formed an auxiliary group known as “M.I.O” Men Interested in Omega. There were several attempts made the years to follow. But until a group of young men, along with the guidance of a few student and faculty members, local, district and national support, the evitable was about to happen. Although, the beginning was met with resistance by the administration of student life, the organization on the district and national level did not bow down to the institution's reasoning for failure to embrace establishment on the campus.

A few young men, in Spring of 1986, who had refused to allow various obstacles to distract them from their vision, contacted the necesssary personnel within the 7th District Regional Representative (Bro. Alonzo Bennett), counsel (Bro. Lloyd Jordan, Esq.) and the Grand Basileus (Bro. Moses C. Norman, Sr.) of the national organization to ensure the university did not hindered our establishment on the university campus.

The supportive team of men listed above from the national, district and local level work diligently unitl the task was completed. The 8 young men were faced with challenges of starting any new organization at an institution of higher learning. One of the most crucial challenges were finding enough young men who possessed the academic capacity and mental fortitude to persevere and not just start an organization, but come up with a plan to ensure it thrives and continues to grow, as it spread the Light of Omega throughout the campus changing lives.

These eight young men endured many hardships and sacrifices never encountered before, due to having to travel at times and be guided into the things of Omega from various other chapter (Albany State, Savannah State, Fort Valley, etc). “8 Masters of Fate” were a strong unit which immediately make their mark on the campus. These young men who were already leaders in their own rights, took on more responsibilities in the community and on campus as a whole (choir directors, student government, athletics, military, mentoring/tutoring, caring for elderly and home building.

One year later, these orginial eight were proud to add two more to the fold which was required for the chapter to receive her own chapter charter. These two men which was guided into the Light of Omega were Bro. Orlando M. Richards and Bro. Jay Lafayette Troup -hence the birth of Zeta Delta Delta (ZOO) Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.